'How to' Videos

With all our 'how to videos' we are trying to give people an idea of what you can do with some of our products.

How to fix a shelf bracket

How to install a cast iron shelf bracket to a masonry wall. This video is for educational purposes only. All substructures where a shelf maybe required are different, seek professional help if you are unsure about fitting a shelf yourself. Before attempting to fit anything to any wall you must check if the wall is suitable for what you want it to do and if there are any hidden services (cables, pipes etc). Oak and Forge accept no responsibility if this video is used out of context for what it was made for.

Fitting a Cup Handle

Fitting a cup handle to a drawer. All the instruction you will need from what tools to use to how its done.

Fitting a Wooden Cabinet Knob

A how to video to explain fitting a wooden cabinet knob to a wooden drawer front. Explain what tools are needed along with drilling the drawer front and attaching the cabinet knob.