The Most On-trend Cup Handles For 2024

Posted On: Nov 29, 2023

Categories: Interiors Inspiration

The Most On-trend Cup Handles For 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design continues to evolve, and one element that remains a focal point in modern kitchens is cup handles

These small yet impactful details can transform the entire look of your kitchen and furniture, adding a touch of style and functionality. 

Get ready to be inspired as we explore the cutting-edge cup handle designs that will define interiors in the coming year.

The Most On-trend Cup Handles For 2024

Matt Black Cup Handles

A matt black finish on interior hardware has been reigning supreme for the last few years, but it shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

The beauty of matt black cup handles is that they work with almost every colour and they work in bringing definition to cabinetry and a much needed touch of modernity. 

This style of cup handle is popular in kitchens, especially when paired with neutral colours such as sage green, creams and grey. 

Shown featuring our Arts and Crafts cup pull handle in matt black.

Earthy Coloured Cup Handles

Bringing the outdoors in, cup handles inspired by nature are gaining popularity in 2024. 

Earthy tones, textured finishes, and designs reminiscent of natural elements such as stones and branches are making their mark. 

These handles not only add a touch of warmth to your kitchen but also create a harmonious connection with the environment. Colours such as sage green, browns and rusty reds are gaining popularity.

Polished Brass Cup Handles

Polished brass has an enduring appeal that transcends fleeting trends. 

In 2024, this classic metal remains in the spotlight, offering a timeless elegance that effortlessly complements various kitchen styles. 

The warm, golden hue of polished brass cup handles exudes a sense of luxury, creating an inviting atmosphere that stands the test of time. If you fancy dipping your toes into mixing metals as well, polished brass pairs beautifully with unlacquered finishes too.

Shown featuring our ‘Hartland’ Cup Handle Square Black in polished brass.

Aged Brass Cup Handles

While polished brass brings a timeless elegance, aged brass introduces a unique and rustic charm to your kitchen. 

Characterised by its distinctive patina and weathered appearance, aged brass cup handles evoke a sense of history and character. The gentle wear and tear tells a story, making each handle a testament to the passage of time. 

If you're seeking to infuse your kitchen with warmth and authenticity, aged brass cup handles are the perfect choice. Their distinct patina adds a touch of vintage appeal, creating a lived-in atmosphere that complements a variety of design styles. 

Pewter Cabinet Cup Handles

For those drawn to a subtler yet sophisticated aesthetic, pewter cabinet cup handles are a choice that embodies understated elegance. 

In 2024, pewter is emerging as a sought-after material for cabinet hardware, offering a muted metallic finish that effortlessly complements a range of colour palettes. 

The soft, silvery tones of pewter bring a touch of refinement without the boldness of brass. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary kitchens, pewter cabinet cup handles provide a versatile and timeless option for those seeking a classic look with a modern twist.

Consider pewter for a kitchen that exudes sophistication through its quiet, enduring charm.

Shown featuring our ‘Tunstall’ pewter cabinet cup handle.

Unexpected Styles

There is a rising trend in unexpected design elements in an interior that garner further visual interest. With cup handles you might expect a perfectly rounded cup, but you don’t need to play by the rules. 

Instead, opt for square backed cup handles, those with scallop edges or intricate detailing. Your interior hardware is the jewellery of your interiors, and those little touches matter. 

If you pick a less than ordinary cup handle, it adds to your overall decor scheme and adds further visual interest. We will be seeing more considered touch points like this in interiors throughout 2024.

Shown featuring our ‘Yar’ Square Cup Handle in Inca Design.

Whether you choose to lean into timeless finishes such as matt black and brass or try something a little bit different in 2024, these hardware finishes are on-trend and will lend a stylish hand to any piece of cabinetry or furniture over the coming year and beyond.