What Hardware Goes With Cup Pulls?

When it comes to hardware for cabinets and drawers, cup pulls have become a popular choice for their simple and functional design. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what type of hardware will best complement your cup pulls.

February 23, 2023
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How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Installing new kitchen cabinet handles onto your existing cabinets is one of the most affordable, and quickest ways to deliver a fresh, and exciting new feel in a kitchen. Pull handles are one of the most versatile styles of cabinet hardware which work with...

January 20, 2023
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Cup Handles Buying Guide

If you’re perusing interior hardware for your new kitchen, or an upcycled piece of furniture, cup handles may be one of the options you’re considering.

November 9, 2022
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Cup Handles Vs Bar Pulls Vs Wooden Knobs

What’s the best cabinet handle to buy is one of our most frequently asked questions at Oak & Forge. A cup handle, pull handle or a traditional cabinet wooden knob are the three most common types of handles to choose from.

October 11, 2022
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Pull Handles VS Cup Handles

We’ve recently explored the cup handles vs wooden knobs conundrum, and today we delve into pull handles VS cup handles!

September 5, 2022
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How To Install Cup Handles On Drawers

Switching your existing handles to cup handles is a quick, and stylish way to update a kitchen, or other furniture in an affordable way. In this blog, we take a look at how to install cup handles on drawers in a step by step process.

August 17, 2022
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